Show us your Four Piece Kits.


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Well - like I mentioned - the venue owner managed to fix it - he basically took the bottom part of the spring that wasn't broked and bent it downward facing and looped it through the little eylelet on the adjustment screw thingy and it's been fine ever since.

I still remember that fleeting moment of panic hahaha...i had no idea what to do lol. lesson learned about backup gear!
theres some cheap enough ones to try on reverb, ill grab one and report later


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Don't recall what I've posted in this thread....been too many years, but I have several 4-pieces.....

Ludwig Classic Maple 18/10/14/13x3

The Second Kit 22/13/15/14x5.5

The Second Kit 22/12/14/14x5.5 (personally, I like this setup better)


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My entire drumming life I've wanted to get the balls to play a 4 piece kit. I've heard countless drummers burn on those small sets. Playing a 4 piece is to can't hide so you better be good. I'm still pondering thee perfect sizes which again is where the 23 comes in. The 24 is to dinasauer for me. The 22 is to rinky dink sears kit but milked they frikkin rule. That was so hard for me to accept in my 24 and 26 years. I'm looking at that black 23 on ebay for 1530...whoa!.


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I'm sick! About how the kit looks.....from color to hardware and the more I see bass drum mounted rides you can't sell! Me on a cooler look. 4 piece kits get me in the mood!.