Show us your Four Piece Kits.


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Nice kits, Lefty!
In that top photo, is that an LM303 I see with the clubdate kit?
Yes it is, it's the one I won on this forum a while back. Well I didn't actually do anything to win it so , gifted is probably a better term. I like it. The other one pictured is a Supra I picked up in a pawn shop for 50 bucks

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I have a couple 4-piece kits that I use for gigs. The first one is a Mapex MyDentity series in black sparkle wrap (20x16 maple bass drum, 12x8 & 14x14 birch toms). The second one is a first-generation (1983-85) Pearl Export series! It's a true closet classic; the wrap is still pure white, and it's barely been played. Great sizes, too; 22x14 kick, 13x9 tom, 16x16 floor tom. Luan (Philppine Mahogany) shells make for a drum that's very controlled, with a punchy attack and tons of low end. For the snare drum, I almost always use my 1969 Ludwig Supraphonic, but lately I've switched it up in favor of a '68 Acrolite. I also have a '66 Ludwig Pioneer, a '68 Ludwig Standard, and a 14x4 Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute piccolo.



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My recently acquired NOS Sonor Vintage Series kit is getting a lot of stage time these days.
20/12/14 - I have the matching 5.75" snare to go with this kit, but I prefer to use the Sonor Benny Greb signature snare
for this kit. This kit is drier than my favourite Noble and Cooley Horizon kit, not necessarily a bad thing,just different.
I prefer to use this kit for my Big band gigs


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