Show us your Four Piece Kits.


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Here is one of my current 4-piece kits. This is a Canopus RFM kit with Bosphorous New Orleans cymbals. Snare is a Canopus maple snare in zebra wood finish. Hardware is also Canopus, except for the bass drum pedal (Canopus doesn't make one) and throne (my butt doesn't like their throne).


Jeremy Bender

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Yamaha Maple Custom Absolutes... 13x9, 16x15, 24x16 JNDC 5x14 Standard model snare with a variety of Paiste Twenty's and Traditional's.


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My Unix Resonant Series Stave Anigré Reserve Bop Kit

Unix Stave Anigré Reserve (Sunrise Burst Satin Finish)
Bass Drum 18 X 14/Tom 12 X 8/Floor Tom 14 X 14

• Joyful Noise TKO Brass 14 X 5

• Tama Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hats Stand
• Tama Iron Cobra Flexi Glide Single Pedal
• Tama Roadpro Snare Stand
• Tama Roadpro Snare Stand
• Tama Stagemaster Straight Cymbal Stand (3x)
• Tama Round Rider Trio "Cloth Top" Drum Throne

• UFIP Class Series Light Hi-Hats 15”
• UFIP Experience Series (Natural) Vintage Ride 20”
• UFIP Experience Series (Class) Collector Ride 22”
• UFIP Experience Series (Class) Flat Ride 20”

Matt Bo Eder

I thought I better post this here too ;)

Ludwig Classic Maple from 1980
16x26 bass drum
12x15 rack tom on stand
16x18 floor tom
8x14 Supralite snare.



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Early 70's three ply clear interiors.
Bought the shells and added the bd hoops and hardware and cleaned 'em up a bit.
12/13/16/22, I usually play the 13/16/22. I have since added the tone controls.



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Here's a couple of gig pics :) The top is a Yamaha Live Custom house kit which I've played on quite a bit and the bottom is my Japanese made Tama Starclassic Maple. The snare on both these kits is a Black Panther Deep Forest Cherry which I use with 90% of everything I do.


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I have three Gretsch 4 pc kits and one very nice little 1969 Pearl Valencia kit.

Red Sparkle is 1954 20bd/13tom/16 floor tom and 5x14 snare

Champagne Sparkle 2011 Custom USA bd 18 12 and 14 toms and a 125th Anniversary Champagne Sparkle (matches perfectly) 4.5x14 snare

Gold Sparkle late 50's bd 20/toms 12 & 14 with 5.5x14 snare

Burnt Orange (copied Gretsch Burnt Orange - stained the shells myself) 1940's orphaned drums. 1949 BD 24" - 1947 Tom 13 - 1947 Floor Tom 16 - Snare is a 1948 6.5x14 Superstructure shell.

Pearl wrapped 1969 Pearl Valencia bd 20/ toms 12 & 14 with matching snare.


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Wave Deckel

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My three Tama kits, all are 1 up 2 down kits. Ocassionally, a side snare is added, but that's rather rare.
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I use this for Classic Rock/Funk/Blues situations that I now crossed over into, normally I use a loud-@#$ 5pc Pearl SSC. This is a Yamaha Bebop kit: 15x18, 8x12, and 13x14 with a 5x14 Gretsch Round Badge from the 50's. (all zildjians)



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I played a country gig last night and used a 4 pc. kit. I've always used 5 or more. It worked out real good.
Yamaha PTC 88 model.


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here goes...

My Remo Gold Crown Metallized Bronze made in the USA :

20*16 / 10*7 / 12*8 / 14*14 + Snare 14*5.5

Spec :

Advanced Acousitcon Shells
Toms : 6.4 mm
Bass drum + snare : 7.8 mm
Remo Suspension System (RSS)
Die Cast hoops
Die Cast Remo Strainer