Show us your Four Piece Kits.


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Here's the pictures of my new 4 Piece.
1978 Yamaha YD-9000 13x9, 18x16, 24x14 G2s over G1s on Toms, EQ3 Batter and Reso on Bass.
Snare is a Pork Pie Cherry/Bubinga 14x7 currently has a Remo Powerstroke 3 over the stock reso.
Cymbals are Zildjian 15" K Light Hats, 17" & 19" K Dark Thin Crashes, 22" K Light Ride.



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Ludwig Signet105 terabeat 22" 10" 16"
Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 14" 16" 22" 20"
stacks varies between paiste pstx / meinl generation x 12" / meinl trash hat



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Yamaha Rydeen: 10, 13, 18

Originally wrapped in dark red, I stripped, stained and glossed it (2nd pic)

Then changed my mind and did a satin finish. (1st pic)



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C&C Maplegum 18x12 / 14x5.5 / 12x7 / 14x13

C&C Maple/poplar/mahogany 24x14 / 14x6.5 / 13x9 / 16x16

C&C Maple (first 100% kit they did)
22x14 / 12x8 (not shown) / 13x9 / 14x14 (not shown) 16x15


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Here's my old Signia ( the blue one) and my current Signia ( the black one )

The blue one was used as a four piece for smaller gigs - generally a 22, 10, 15 and snare. ( places where I could spread out got the full 8, 10, 12, 14 and 15 treatment. )
Cymbals were HHX 13inch Groove hats, 21 HH Raw Bell dry Ride ( The Phil Collins Sig version - if anyone has one of those they would like to sell, PLEASE contact me...) a 17 HHX Xtreme crash, a 17 Z custom crash and a Paiste 16 Rude 1000 China.
Hardware was a mix: DW 8000 double pedal, Iron Cobra 2 legged Hihat, DW 9000 saddle throne and Boom stand, and some pearl and Premier bits and booms.

The Black one is most of a five piece - sometimes I use the four, sometimes the five with my current band: 22, 12 15 in this pic, Here I am using a Premier metal snare and an AA 21 dry ride, Ufip hats ( really nice ) a Paiste Alpha 18 Crash, the Z custom crash, an AA china splash and the Paiste 1000 rude china. Hardware is a mix of less salubrious stuff than I had before, but after having to downsize I am getting back up to standard again.

I just got a Yammy 9000 to go alongside the Signias, so when I get that set up I'll post again, just for fun.

My current band plays fairly quiet psychedelic folk music so the Yamahas are very well suited to it. I love playing the little 4 piece rig, especially now I have a hand cart and a bass case with wheels ( I had a nasy heart incident at a gig a few weeks back ) More importantly I think it kind of concentrates the mind on the groove...
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