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I have always wondered what the term "studio" means on this site as many people say they spent the day in their "studio" working on this or that. How many of you actually have a studio or are you just in a drum room, basement, garage etc. I don't record much so my drums are in my drum room. The back of my house. The room looks larger than it is as this photo was taken from the opposite corner. Show us your drum room or studio.


Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Not current.

Moved it to the other end of the same wall and hung the overheads from the ceiling instead from stands, but it is the same room.

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It's not so much a studio as it is an unfinished basement...

This is an old photo though. I have 4 kits set up now.


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I've basically hi-jacked 1/2 of an unfinished basement and share a storage room ( heads, spare parts, hoops, drum boxes ) behind it with our Christmas decorations. Studio is a small PA, a Roland VR09 keyboard, Focusrite 8i18 interface, and a PC. Drums are on a 7x10 carpet remnant. I can direct mic all the drums on one kit or as I usually do, just use two overheads, snare and bass drum. Anyway, here's a pic of my little piece of heaven. :)



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My Drum Room (soon to be studio)in progress.I now have almost all of the acoustic foam to begin getting the bass traps fully assembled, clouds hung, and random wall tiles placed.

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hippy chip

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My house is concrete block, so containing the sound was a matter of putting acoustic foam on the windows and door. I have a bass trap behind the kit, and the foam covered door is straight across from the bass drum. I have 8 mics---3 toms, snare, kick, hats (pencil condenser), and 2 overheads (LDC) I can get some great drum/guitar/vocal tracks in this room, so I would definitely call it a studio!