Show us your BLACK drums !!


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Couple of shots of the Saturn before hitting the stage at the Celebrate Fairfax Festival.... was too lazy to bring out the 16" floor :( but at least brought out 2 Chinas. I love Chinas...



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Impact kit, 1989

Taye Specialty Aluminum, 2011

Ludwig Black Beauty, 2017 (also have other BBs)

Ludwig Educator (plastic shell and lug casings), 1979

Tama Artwood, 1987
Some nice stuff there Bermuda !! I have to admit I had to hit Google to find any info on those Impact drums. I have never seen those before. I've played some North drums previously. That's what these reminded me of.


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My very first kit. A nid-60s Gretsch 6 ply that I took the WMP wrap off and spray painted satin black. I also changed the Gretsch rail mount to a Ludwig mount for the tom. Killed the resale value, but what the hell. I don't plan on selling it because it sounds great. I used it on a gig just today but with a Rogers Holiday snare instead of the Yamaha Stage Custom snare shown in this picture.

I knew a guy who worked in a photo studio where they did murals, so he had access to BIG pieces of photo paper. He'd buy "orphan" drums at garage sales, pawn shops, etc. Then expose and develop the photo paper so it was all black. He wrapped his drums in that and it looked great!


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1978 six-ply Ludwigs in black cortex that I use with my Bad Company tribute band
5" Black Beauty
6.5" 100th Anniversary Black Beauty
5.5" Pearl Masters Custom with re-rings. I don't remember the name of the mist?? It's not a wrap, you can see the grain. I bought it in the '90s.



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There's something about a piano black Gretsch kit with an offset logo Fiberskyn bass head that looks oh so classy to me. 8x10, 9x12, 16x16, 18x22 and a 6x14 Brooklyn black nickel-plated brass snare.


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YAMAHA Live Custom in Black Wood finish
Both the inside and outside of the shells are black.
Hardware is Black Nickel
10" (not pictured)
24" Kick

Aquarian Drumheads
Black Classic Clear single ply bottoms
Custom Coated Black Force 10 batters

Paiste Colorsound 900 Cymbals in.... Black!
14" Sound Edge Hi Hats
2x 19" Heavy Crashes
22" Heavy Ride
16" China
18" China



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Not a good picture : but here is my former 90's Tama Rockstar : Jet Black

22x16 X2 ; 12 ; 13 ; 16 14x6,5 Free floating brass.
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Since photo bucket went bad I'll re-post my 1988 Yamaha Power Tour Customs
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