Show off your Yamahas!


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Current gen. Yamaha Stage Custom. 20/10/12/14/14 snare

I recently got a Ludwig set that I absolutely love, but I have a lot of leftover Yamaha parts and stuff from all the previous Yamahas I've had.
Got a good deal on this one, so I figured it would serve a useful purpose. Sounds real good too.

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Those are nice as heck!! Love that finish.
Thanks, and they aren't as yellow as they look in that bottom pic, i think the overhead lights messed with my camera.. they are more of a amber birdseye, alot more orangish than yellow.
P.S. i wish they were bright yellow though... i have a thing for yellow kits..


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Looking at this thread makes me realize that I have no pictures of my Yamaha set from the front. I should probably do something about that.

Some good looking sets in this thread.


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My issue is that the kit is currently pointed at a wall, because others in the house. I'd have to re-orient the kit, which means moving furniture, which means work, which means... yeah.

Please enjoy the wait. ;)