Show off your Yamahas!


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Thanks for your answer. Lately I have been mostly playing 22" bass drums (Tamburo stave, 16" and 18" deep), and I like very much their power and their fullness. The last 20" bass drum I played on a regular basis was a Slingerland in the late seventies / early eighties (sic!), and I barely remember how it sounded. What I would like to know is how powerful and full you consider your 20", and how much difference you see - if any - with a 22".

This is obviously just my opinion and not fact.

I honestly have always felt the 20" is the most versatile of all sizes. It can go small, it can go big. It can provide a heck of a punch or it can provide am open round sound. I've had the 20" tuned in both directions and it delivers in every and all aspect (on my terms) but mostly I keep as an open round sound. While it can (and has) been done for many, many years, I don't think a 22" does the open thing quite as well. That said, I did keep my 22" RC wide open and it did work. I just don't think it does it quite as well as the 20".

The combo I enjoy most is a coated EQ3 batter with the stock reso front head. Nothing else inside the drum. I use a Gary Chaffee bd muffler on the front reso with only one of the two pads barely touching the head to help with the sustain control for finishing touch. The other pad is lifted away from the head entirely.

I have not yet recorded the drum either closely mic'd or otherwise so I can not provide much help on that.


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Since this thread is still alive I’ll add mine incase you don’t see another set anywhere ever. 2007 Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Nouveau Fade Raven Black. I’ve only found 2 on the internet. One pic with flash, one without. Under average light it’s black and hence “fade” the top half is solid black making it different from the other green sets that are just smoked green. What does that mean? Not a damn thing, there just aren’t any around. Lol.

The setup:
Toms - Evans coated G2 heads. Snare - Evans Power Center Reverse Dot front and Evans 300 hazy rear. Bass - Evans EMAD2 Back & Evans EQ3 Resonant front. Cymbals - Sabian B8 16” thin crash - Sabian B8 20” ride - Sabian B8 14” high hats. 2007 YAMAHA Stage Custom Advanced Nouveau in Fade Raven Black. 22” bass - 16” floor tom - 12” high tom - 10” high tom - 14” snare. 700 series YAMAHA hardware DS840U seat - HS740 high hat - CS745 cymbal (x2) - SS740 snare


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A random thought popped into my brain last weekend. "Build a set around your favorite snare." Well, my fav is still my black Yamaha SD-098, 14x8 Recording Custom but I have no need for any other sets so I really didn't give it another thought. A few days later, I went to a local store for heads and ran across a pile of used drums that looked like a dusty bass drum and two floor toms. As I got closer, I saw the lugs and badges and realized it was a Yamaha Rock Tour Custom kit and it wasn't technically two floor toms at all. It was a 22x16 bass, a 14x14 "Turbo" rack tom and a 18x16 floor tom in Black Sparkle. At that point, it became a rescue mission for some MIJ Yamahas. So, I bought them on Tuesday and spent my free time this week fixing them up. The RTC's are Yamaha, have the same lugs as the RC snare and they are black but it wasn't until I looked at the serial numbers that I realized that the random voice in my head had been a prophecy! The RTC toms were made in '90 and the bass was made in '94. The RC snare is from Oct '91. After riding this week's cosmic wave and fulfilling destiny, I feel like there is nothing left to do but ROCK...and post a few pics :)?

Here's a nice lite setup using the 14x14 as the floor and just a crashable 20" K Ride and Hats as the only cymbals. Great little rehearsal rig.


Here's a 0 Up, 2 down rock thumper with the 18x16 tacked on.


Of course, I had to do it. Grohl style! Looks anachronistic these days, but it is ridiculously fun to play!



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I've posted these here before, but not all in one place. I think I got most of them. Some pics are pretty old and low quality.
My apologies to any Yamaha drums I may have forgotten.

What's left currently are 10/12/14/20 MCAN and Tour kits, and 13" Musashi and 13" brass snare drums.
At one point I had accumulated 4 SC sets (too many) and a 10/12 mounted, 14/16 FT and 18/20 bass drum SC shell pack in natural wood.
I probably should have kept that, because I sometimes think about getting it again. :p
The second picture is the drums in the first picture cut down - a mistake, but a good learning experience. :oops:
Continued in next post.

1 - Copy.jpg2 - Copy.jpg3 - Copy.jpg4 - Copy.jpg5 - Copy.jpg6 - Copy.jpg7 - Copy.jpg8 - Copy.jpg9 - Copy.jpg10 - Copy.jpg
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I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through this entire thread. I've been looking online for a used set of Yamahas. My current kit is a 1975 Slingerland set that I've had since I was 13. I was playing with a group before Covid for fun and just started playing with a band also for fun but with an eye towards playing a couple local dive bars once we have a couple sets worked up. And I don't like the idea of lugging my now antique Slingies around in the elements. So I'm thinking of a used set of Yamahas, maybe a Stage Custom kit with just a 20" or 22" kick and 4 toms, 2 up, 2 down. I don't need a snare as I have two. Lots to choose from out there but haven't found the right configuration in a color I like at a price I like. Admittedly I just started looking. With so many out there I'm confident I'll be able to post my own pics here in the near future.

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Inspired by the Drum Workshop-thread, I would like all you yammie-owners to put up some pics of your drums.

I've seen a lot of beautiful yamaha drums in here - but maybe we could gather some of the pictures en this thread?

I'll start by showing you a few pictures that you maybe have seen before in here.

This is a Manu Katché Junior kit that I used to own:


This is my current kit - a yamaha birch custom absolute


So - let's see your yammies! :D
Golden wood ?

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Cool man, I'm fairly new myself. Sweet kits! Tour Customs have always been one of my favorite lines (had a black set back in the day) and I love the 1 up, 2 down black Club Customs. Thanks for posting!

Thanks, man! There are more Clubs not shown... 10” tom and 16” floor tom are not pictured. Shown is 12-14ft-18ft-22bd + matching 5.5x14 snare.


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I miss my Oak Customs dearly, but I have been enjoying the stage customs for the past few years.


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Also the new recording custom snares look/sound pretty sweet

I have the RC 5.5x14 Aluminum and 5.5x14 Brass. Both are top notch!