Show off your Yamahas!

Mr. Morkel

Inspired by the Drum Workshop-thread, I would like all you yammie-owners to put up some pics of your drums.

I've seen a lot of beautiful yamaha drums in here - but maybe we could gather some of the pictures en this thread?

I'll start by showing you a few pictures that you maybe have seen before in here.

This is a Manu Katché Junior kit that I used to own:

This is my current kit - a yamaha birch custom absolute

So - let's see your yammies! :D


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Here's two of the best pics of my kit. It's an older setup (missing the double pedal, x-hats, new snare, etc.) but probably the best pics to date that I've taken. Very nice to see a Yamaha thread.

Specs are:

Oak Custom in Bryce Canyon Brown

and the snare is a 13x3 steel Pearl Piccolo. I've replaced that recently with a 12x7 cherry/maple Black Panther


My Stage Custom that I bought around 2001 and sold in 2003.

My Oak Custom that I bought after the SC's and sold in 2006

Both sets are set up in my "Righty hands/Lefty feet" setup.


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I really need some good pics... but here's one..

Dan Drum 1 b.jpg

Here's a little better one showing my snares... (2 DW's and a Yammie Dave Weckl signature)

Dan Snare b.jpg



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This thread got me to thinking again, (after Aydees Yammie thread), and I went looking around and found these...

My Beech Customs (mid 90's):

drums 001 b.jpg

And here I am in the 80's.. (no laughing please). This was my very first Yammie kit.. I think they were a 600 series, but I used Recording Custom snares..




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Here's mine.

There's only a Crash-Ride because I didn't have money for a Crash and a Ride, and I thought "oh well, I'll have to buy a Crash-Ride then, it works like both."


Hey Yammie owners,
I'm in the market for a new kit, and i'm kind of up in the air about starclassics, masters, or absolute maples. Just wondering what the perks are of buying yamaha for you guys...


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My-ex Beech custom absolute, the band i had collapsed and i was so fed up with disappointment that i sold the shell kit to a friend far away. The Beech made the kit very responsive and punchy, with a lower tone than maple. But i thought the 10,12,16 sizes didn't match too well, the floor tom was particularly hard to tune. But i would die to have that 24inch Bass drum again!!