Show Off Your Tama.....SNARE DRUMS!!!



This snare is pretty plain, if understated in appearance. It's a 1978 Tama fiberstar "black fiberglass" snare drum. I ran across this gem at Donn Bennett's drum studio in Bellvue, Washington. It was sitting in the back on a shelf. He wants something to the tune of $600 for it.

It's one of the most overlooked and underrated snares ever made. It's very loud and cutting, and crisp.



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I've got the Tama Artwood 5.5" by 14" in the same colour as Phillipe's I'll see if I can dig up some pictures of it.

Great snare.


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You guys are going to make me bust out the camera... that's okay. I want some pics of my snares anyway.


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Some great looking stuff!!

I had a 6.5 ArtStar Maple snare in the 80's, but it never got the sound I had in my head, so I eventually sold it.

But it was a well made, very nice snare with the cool extended snare system and die cast hoops.


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Okay here we go... YES, I know my drums are far too dusty. I didn't notice that until after the pics were taken and the drums were put up.

Mike Portnoy hammered steel 5 x 12 (MP125)
This is a great little snare. Very tight and poppy. I usually crank the heads pretty tight. The dual-setting strainer rocks. But with the head tension I use I also turn the snares off all the way and pound on it like a timbale.

Starclassic Performer Dark Cherry Fade 5.5 x 14
My favorite "all-around" snare I think.

Vintage 80's Superstar in Cherry Wine 8 x 14
This puppy is in awesome shape.

Kenny Aronoff Super Piccolo 4 x 15 (KA154)
A hard beast to tame. VERY ringy. I hate to use tape, and I can't find my Moongel pads.

(Lousy hosting on GeoCities.)


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thanks a lot!!! and they're being played all the time, these two (pics were made after I tuned them!). on our new CD it's only Monarch and Gladiator.

I switched from Remo Amba coated to Aquarian Texture coated half a year ago and have never regreted it for a second!

next is The Pageant, but I'm out of money right now...
Philippe: Is the Simon Monarch bronze loud? How would you describe its sound?? It is sensitive, crisp, or better for loud playing?

All: Are the current Artwood Custom maple snares (7 ply maple) worth the purchase? I'm looking for a good 4x14 maple snare, and the Artwood comes in that size. I snagged a 4x14 SC maple snare off ebay, but the seller burned me: tension rods rusting and the bottom bearing edge has a small dent. The SC 4x14 is also an 8 lug snare for some reason; the Artwood is 10 lug.



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Here are my two Tama snares: Stewart Copeland Signature (first generation--i.e., the throw on this snare differs from the current SC Sigs. in stores now) and 4x14 Starclassic Maple in Piano White lacquer (discontinued size):

(The new Tama SC Bubinga "Indigo Titanium Racing Stripe" finish also looks pretty nice, by the way. Perhaps I'll get a bubinga snare in this finish.)