Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Jeremy Bender

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Those are excellent snares. I had one and sold it so I could buy another excellent snare (Sonor Phonic Reissue beech) but I want to get another of these Prolite snares. The 14x6 is REALLY nice! One of the best throws in the biz too. What kind of snare stand is that? Looks pretty cool!
Ludwig Atlas Pro concert snare stand.
It's rock solid and super adjustable but expensive and quite heavy. I saved some money with it being a demo model in basically new condition.
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I have a Safari that I use for portability....I hadn't played it for a while actually but I brought it out for a live stream a couple days ago and the band LOVED it - everyone kept asking me why I don't use it more haha. I got all new heads and use a 3x13" steel piccolo instead of the snare that came with it - and it sounded like a million bucks.

Great little kit.