Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.


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this pic is an old I use only a 1-2 tom and a floor tom, single Bass drum. the other parts are covered in dust in my storage! :D

Sonor Sonic Plus made in Germany, approx 1995(?)

10"12"14" toms, 16" Floot rom, double bass and some various snares.

was an economic kit (hardare is pretty lame) but still sounds like a bloody hell!


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I've got these being shipped to me. Expected delivery 1-03-18. I'm super excited. Old stock but new in box. 22x17, 10x8, 13x10, 16x16 vintage maple shells in high gloss Ebony.
Beautiful Todd, I looked at those on their website. Like the idea of 10,13 and 16 tom sizes. Happy new year friend.


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Beautiful Todd, I looked at those on their website. Like the idea of 10,13 and 16 tom sizes. Happy new year friend.
Hey John ! Happy New Year to you as well. Hope you had a great Christmas. I was intrigued by sizes too. That and I think they're gorgeous too. I've done a fair amount of research on the Delite kits and they're pretty much the same as the ProLite sets. Shell composition ( very thin maple w/re-rings) is the same.The Prolite has an improved tom 4 point tom mount and there's a new strainer for the snare. I'm not getting the snare so I'll just have to "struggle" with the older 3 point tom mount, :) while keeping the extra $1K in my pocket. Sonor uses different types of veneer for their finishes too. Alpi, real wood, engineered etc. Upon further review I found that the high gloss Ebony is a real wood veneer. Made by these folks..... for Sonor.

That said, I find some of the Alpi finishes to be really beautiful. So that's not a big deal to me. The enclosed pic is a Delite kit in an Alpi finish. Seriously, how gorgeous is that???? That's the way I'll set mine up, minus the 14" FT. Should be quite nasty I think. I'll toss some pics up when I get them. FedEx says Wednesday 1-3-18.



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Here's my little Sonor Safari-I've almost sold this kit a dozen times but here it -I just love the little thing. And my Sonor Artisan Amboina 13x7 snare-the only real drum worth a dang I own really LOL. The echo in my basement is terrible so I have the smaller 17 in Bliss ride/crash, 14in Zil A thin crash, and a 10 in ZXT fast splash. I really try to keep the sound level down-it sounds pretty darn good all together.



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Picked up this Sonor Vintage Kit about a year ago NoS from a local shop for an insane deal .
I had purchased these with the intent to flip them but they are just too darn good to sell.
OOOOOOOFFFFFF - Sonor did an outstanding job on these.

Man - that is PRETTY black kit.