show off your snare


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Couple of DW's .Pearl,and a restored Cannon.
DW 4x14 COB,DW 5.5 x 14 Craviotto,DW 10 and 6 4x14,Cannon 7x14,Pearl MCX 5.5x14.
Here is the Black Magic that belongs to my wife and I. I'm looking to purchase a Mapex snare to go with our new Mapex Saturn V. Any suggestions or should I just go with the matching MH snare.


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It's me again and again something new!

This time, new baby in collection, DW Collector's Thin Aluminium 14x6,5 .

Didn't have time to try it out yet, but soon i will.



I've been rocking an 8x14 Brady block. (Or an Acro, but there's already a million pictures of those)

I plan by years end to add a 6.5x13 Guru with wood hoops (they just don't know about it yet...)



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oh man, I love all these different snares to see. Now, I need to add another room onto my perfect house, the snare room! LOL.

I'll try and put up some pics of mine soon. I own 4 + 2 micro snares. All newer models except for one of them. That one is from a defunct company and dates to 70s. You must wait until you see it to know!


1980 Tama Birch 14 x 8 Gibraltar metallic black, currently use Remo Powerstroke 3 top head


Tama PB65 14 x 6 1/2 Bronze currently use Evans HD Dry top head


Other snare accessories I use Lug locks, Shure SM 57 mike, Lug Lock-Tempo Ref

Other snares Pearl signature Ian Paice 6/1/2 chrome steel Remo PS3 head
Pearl Signature Chad Smith 5 1/2 black Remo PS3 head


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Tama Superstar 61/2-14 birch with duel action KG strainer
Tama Mastercraft 5-14 steel
Ludwig 10-14 Super Classic Marching Snare



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Not the greatest focus, but my current weapons:

Ludwig 1959 LM470 Auditorium 3ply Mahogany w/NOB Hardware 6.5 x 14
Ludwig 1964 LM400 Supraphonic Chrome over Ludalloy 5 x 14
Ludwig 1964 LM404 Acrolite 5 x 14
Ludwig 1978 LM405 Acrolite w/Imperial Lugs 6.5 x 14 ( NYC Board of Ed. )
Ludwig 2011 LW6514JK Black Nickel over Brass 6.5 x 14
DW Performance 10ply Maple 6.5 x 14
Gretsch Free-floating Maple 5.5 x 10
Sonic Custom Keller 6ply Maple 6.5 x 14