show off your snare

My 68 Ludwig Supra. Pleased how it came out but not the state I let it get to . It’s been in my closet over 20 years. Some haze and grime, no nicks or gouges, very light almost absent pitting , and only light surface rust in a few places . Complete tear down , re head, and clean and polish.



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Early 60's Chrome-Over-Brass Gretsch 4160. Not all original ( P-85 throw-off), but it sounds fantastic. There must be a reason that they're still selling them today.



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1967 Slingerland snare from my original starter set. It was silver sparkle when new but I stupidly removed the wrap when I was a dumb kid. :) It actually looks awesome like this but I'm sure any value it had was lost.



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I have always wanted one of those recording custom cherry deep snares also but never picked one up. Good catch! I bet it sounds great.


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What kind of wood is that drum made from Fredster?

Is it an add on tom? If so, to what?

You're killin me!

Steady Freddy

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What kind of wood is that drum made from Fredster?

Is it an add on tom? If so, to what?

You're killin me!
Hey Larry. This is a 14 X 8 snare made from Tazmanian Black Heart, Both Brady and Dunnett have used this wood. It has a lot of bottom end with more smack than crack in the low to mid tuning. That rock ballad kind of sound. Fat and deep. It has a wide tuning range that I'm still exploring. It's a ply drum. I'm getting too many snares. Gotta start thinning the herd. lol


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Here's my slightly modified Tama SLP Super Aluminum (LAL145) that was discontinued a few years ago. To attenuate its annoying ping sound, I replaced the sound arc hoops with Tama die cast hoops (just laying around in my closet), along with an Evans Genera batter. Now this thing cracks like lightning.

Tama SLP Super Aluminum 1200px.jpg

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This drum is actually more mellow than my wood snare, plus it takes a slightly lower tuning. It has no badge (we don't need no stinkin badges) I like it.
At my current skill level it has a great balance between clean doubles and a pretty buzz roll, and the rimshot doesn't cause pain.