Show Off Your PEARL!


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Pearl Reference kit in "Piano Black." Bass drum is 18"x20" and the toms are 10, 12, and 14.

Sounds absolutely fantastic and the build quality is second to no other kit I've seen or owned. This is a VERY nice kit!


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Pearl Reference kit in "Piano Black." Bass drum is 18"x22" and the toms are 10, 12, and 14.

Sounds absolutely fantastic and the build quality is second to no other kit I've seen or owned. This is a VERY nice kit!
Yeah baby those Refs are astounding. A Reference kit in natural maple is my dream kit.


Here's my new to me 90-93 Pearl Export. 24x16" kick, 14x12" Rack tom, 18x16" floor tom, and 14x5.5" Chrome Snare. I've also got matching 13" and 16" tom's for this kit but I'm a pretty strict four piece guy. I'll post more pics once my new cymbals arrive later this week.


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Here's mine in a video:

Pearl Reference Pure in piano black. 16x22 bass, 8x12, 14x14, 16x16 toms with 6.5x14 Studio Session Classic snare also in piano black. Ride cymbal is a Zildjian 22" K Light Ride, with Zildjian A thin crashes (17s) used for hi-hats on a RH-2000 cable hat.

Recording with my Zoom Q3HD about four feet in front of the kit.

I am loving these drums!


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Some drums are for keeps. The year 1973, the set Red Satin Fiberglass shells, dual bass drums (1 in case) All hardshell cases/trap case on casters. Major hardware upgrade as I got back into music last August by picking up an Epiphone guitar and Fender amp. I now have neither of those, but a lot of other stuff.

I still play guitar, added bass, and of course, my Pearls with new DW major hardware changes:

all DW hardware, except snare stand and bass drum pedal.

My snare stand is still Pearl I think or Rogers, not sure, my bass pedal is a Gibralter Intruder I scored used for 70 bucks at GC, it replaced a Rogers Ghost, which I was never that fast using.

I have added 5 DW cymbal stands, (1 9500, 2 5700's, 2 3000's all Boom/straight convertible) a 9000 hi-hat and a remote 9000 hi-hat, and a tractor style drum throne.

Also added a 10" Ziljian China splash, and a 12" Ziljian "A" splash, and a pair of Ziljian "K" hi-hats since last year. Started in the fall with the Splashes.

Prior cymbals, oldies but goodies, Ziljian Zilco 21" ride, 2 other Ziljian/Zilco ride/crashes, have to measure, dunno sizes.

Yes, I will remove the cymbal stand tags soon, ROFL.



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Here is my Pearl Masters Custom (MMX) in diamond burst. I am playing around with the configuration to get the ride above the bass drum. It was purchased in May of 2014. This is my gigging kit and usually set up as a 10/14/22 and snare for most shows with the Zildjian cymbals. The Sabian's typically get used on my practice/at home kit which is a 1980's Pearl Professional DLX. I set everything up over the weekend to tune and snapped a couple pics. Thanks for looking! Here is the setup:

Pearl MMX in diamond burst: (Diameter x Depth)
10x8, 12x9, 14x12, 16x14 rack toms
22x18 bass
14x5.5 snare

Tama John Blackwell signature snare

Zildjian A Custom:
14 hi hats
16 crash
18 crash

Zildjian K Custom:
20 ride

Sabian AAX:
13 fast hats (Aux hats)
16 dark crash
16 bright crash
18 x'treme china

Sabian AA:
15 thin crash

Sabian B8 Pro:
8 splash
12 splash



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Here's my Pearl Masters 50th Anniversary Ltd Edition :)

10" tom (not included in the pictures)
12" tom (not included in the pictures)
14" floor tom
16" floor tom
22" bass drum



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Just picked her up today at a pawn shop in Mesa Arizona. Clean as a whistle (whatever that means) and hardly used as you can see. Best part? Found her at a pawn shop in Mesa Arizona near my studio.....and only paid....$150 cash !! And she was housed in a thick vinyl TAMA case !!! Oh yeah she's 5x14



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My 2 Pearl kits...

1. Reference series - Granite Sparkle - 12 rack, 14 floor, 20 kick and a 14x5 Sensitone Snare.. with a 501C rack. Triggers running through an E-Pro redbox.

I have a disability and use a wheelchair to get around so triggers help with a lack of strength especially in my legs.

2. EXX Export - Grindstone Sparkle - 12 rack, 16 floor, 22 kick and 14x5 wood snare. I also have a 10inch rack tom but don't use it.

I teach, hence why I have both kits side by side. The export for a cheaper kit sounds amazing, and will double as a teaching kit and cheaper gig kit.

I am very fortunate to be an Australian Pearl endorsed artist.



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I picked these up at a ReStore (thrift shop) last December.

1966 Pearl Valencia. It was missing the pedal and cymbal hardware and the hex bass drum tom hanger. I found the tom hanger on eBay since I took these photos. It's a decent sounding kit. I love old drums. I only paid $125 for all the drums and I got that much enjoyment cleaning it up and putting new heads on it.....playing it is a bonus.

20" bd/ 12 and 14 toms/ 5.5x14 matching snare.

The pearl wrap is in excellent condition.



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The great thing about discovering a great kit value is - it makes it affordable to put the kit in multiple places. I loved my first Roadshow kit so much that I bought a second. Now I have one at home and one parked at a rehearsal space with a band.

What a thrill it would have been for me to have been able to start with this kit when I started drumming over 40 years ago. It's amazing what kit values exist today.