Show Off Your PEARL!


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That finish looks amazing Gojilove ! How did you change it ?

When I got it 8 years ago It was standard black.

Then about 6 years ago I got ahold of some autograde vinyl (the type they use for logos and pinstripes) and essentially put a big red sticker on.

Thats the only image I could find of that.

That got beat up pretty good on gigs, so I stripped the original wrap and bought that beautiful blue sparkle, and older generation chrome pearl hardware (via and did it over 2 days. I absolutely love it.



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Sweet, did you take the blue glass glitter or sparkle ? and is that a 18 bass drum ?

Its a 22x16. I wish it was an 18. That has always been a complaint of mine on my kit.

I want to say its a blue Sparkle, not glitter. But I could be wrong. It was a while ago.
This is my first kit, a Pearl Export still going strong after 12 years. 22" bass, 10" tom, 12" tom, 14" tom and 14" snare.

Sadly it appears I will be parting ways with these drums in a few months as I have a Starclassic Bubinga on order.


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This is the most important material thing I own. Drums exercise the mind and body. I think everyone should learn.


Pearl Masters Premium MRP (6-ply maple); 22x18" bass, 12x9" tom, 16x16" floor; 102 Natural Maple finish, chrome hardware (of course):

Pearl Jupiter (COB): 14x6.5" snare; parallel throw-off:



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Some really nice Pearl Kits in this thread! Here is my contribution.

90's Export refurbished with a new wrap and almost all new hardware.