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Pearl ELX (1999 ish) in amber mist lacquered finish.

10" x 8"
12" x 10"
13" x 11" (on left of snare)
14" x 12"
16" x 16"
22" x 16" Bass drum

14" x 6.5" brass Pearl Sensitone Elite
In the case on the floor is my spare snare, a 13" x 5" Pearl Omar Hakim Signature.

Hardware is all top of the line Pearl (well, it was top of the line in 1999 anyway), apart from the double Iron Cobra bass pedal and Iron Cobra hi-hat stand.

Heads are coated emperors on the batter side and clear ambassador resonants. Bass drum has a clear PS3 batter.

Cymbals are all Sabian

8" HH splash
10" HH splash
13" HH hats
14" HH hats
16" HH crash
17" HHX crash
18" HHX crash
18" HH china
20" HH medium ride
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1992 Pearl BLX kit, not normally setup like this, but i prefer it over the old 6 piece setup. Setup is a 14" snare, 12" tom, 16" floor tom. There are also a 10" and 13" toms which arent setup in the pic. I set my Ludwig kit up the exact same way, just switch out the drums, hardware and cymbals stay. Cymbals are 14" Sabian Vault, 16" Sabian HHX, Sabian 20" AAX Ride, Sabian AAX 13" hats, and the newest addition, 10" Paiste Signature splash.



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This is my new Pearl kit, I use an iron cobra lever action hi-hat, Pearl demon drive double pedal, the 2000 series thrown with the back rest, and some older zildjian cymbals, and the file cabinet to the right sounds just like a 38" gong.


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My latest Pearl gem. 22x18", 16x16", 12x9" Reference in Ivory Pearl lacquer. I love these drums, they sound amazing. However, they're heavy as hell and I can't stand hauling them to gigs, so I just picked up a used Gretsch Renown kit on eBay for CHEAP, in the same sizes.
I have to agree my Pearl MCX kit is very heavy, I use a Gretsch Catalina club jazz kit for gigs. But I really like the way my Pearl MCX sounds. The Gretsch bass drum weights as much as my MCX 13 x 10 tom.


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I bought this Vision VBX kit used about a month ago...

  • 5 Piece: 12", 13", 16" Toms. 14" Sensitone Snare & 22" Kick.
  • Zildjian ZXT Cymbal Pack - 14" hats, 16" & 18" crash, 20" ride
  • Pearl 900 Series Hardware
  • Protone Heads

Been making a few modifications since...

  • Added a 10" Tom
  • Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack - 14" hats, 16" & 18" crash, 20" ride
  • Gibraltar Road Rack
  • Aquarian Performance II batters to all the toms. Aquarian Super Kick II and Regulator to the Bass.
  • Evans Bass Pillow

Left to go...

  • Zildjian A Custom 14" Fast Crash and Zildjian A Custom 10" Splash
  • 14" Floor Tom add-on
  • Upgrade bass pedal to a DW 9000 or Iron Cobra
  • Upgrade cheap 900 series throne to something that won't put my left leg to sleep on the hi-hat pedal!

I'm trying to decide if I want to swap out the ISS mounting system for Optimounts. Your opinions on this would be valuable!
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Here is my Addition to this pile of Pearl kits!

Drums: 7-piece Export black wrap chrome hardware

  • 14"x5.5" wood Export snare
  • 14"x5.5" Sensitone chrome over steel
  • 10"x10"
  • 12"x10"
  • 13"x11"
  • 16"x16"
  • 22"x16" bass drum

Hardware is mostly Pearl and a few mixed brands.

Heads are clear Emperors or Pinstripes on tom batters, clear Ambassadors for tom Resos. Snare Batters are coated Ambassadors or Controlled Sound, share Resos are Ambassador SS. Kick is PS3 on both sides.

Cymbals: All Zildjain
8" A Fast Splash (not shown)
13" K/Z Hats
16"AC crash
16"ZBT crash (not shown)
18"AC crash
19" K Custom Hybrid china
20"A Medium Ride

Ok, now it's Picture time! :)



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These are my humble 1992 Exports. Bought them for peanuts, all banged up. Restored them myself and after some new heads, I liked them so much that I sold my Mapex Meridian Birch and kept these. They sound absolutely fenomenal. I love them.

Second pic is a general view of some of my other gear. Yeah, I'm a "bedroom rockstar", and I like it. Hehe.

Cheers! :)



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Hey guys, this is my relatively new Pearl VSX kit! Got for for a super discount at €299!
Sizes are 12" tom, 13" tom (not in pic), 16" floor toms, and 22" bass drum, also came with a pearl sensitone steel snare which is around 16x4.5 i think
Cymbals are all zildjian A customs, 14", 16", 18" and 20".


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This is the only kit I have ever owned. It has gone through many many versions.

When I bought it, it was Black Pearl Export EX with black hardware.

It was red for awhile, but this is what it currently looks like. (for the past 3 years).