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Late to the party as I read almost daily but rarely post.'s my latest Pearl purchase...Mahogany Classic Limited Edition in fusion sizes; 22",10",12",14", and matching 6.5x14 snare. I later added a 16" floor tom but am only using the hanging toms for now. That may change tomorrow. Also a DW 8" timbale and my ever present Meinl Mambo cowbell.


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@utdrummer, wow, nice finish on those.
@Frosticles, those Exports look right at home on the stage, and great user name.
@Johnwesley, awesome drum cave. I wish there were more jelly bean kits here.

The kit in post 178 evolved to this. I found another orphan Export 12 tom , and put a Jammin Sam's black sparkle wrap on them, just for the fun of it.



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Bought these a while back just so i have a separate kit for gigging. Fairly old Pearl BLX kit in Sequoia Red. I pulled the full length lugs off and replaced them with Pearl Session lugs. Sizes are 22,12,16. Theres also a 13" tom that i don't use. Snare is a 70s Supraphonic. Cymbal setup is 14" AA Regular Hats, 16" A Medium Thin Crash, 16" AA Medium Thin Crash and a 22 A Ride from the 60s.

These are great sounding drums and i get complimented on the sound quite often. Sometimes i get the itch to get a different kit but these sound so good i don't really see much point in switching. If i do anything i might cut the 12x10 tom down to 8 or 9 inches deep and put a wrap on the drums.



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Two pics of my Vision VBA i keep in the practice space (i have my Masters BCX at home in storage). Have to set it up and tear it down each time, but with a rug + markers and the rack makes setting it up very easy. Have to fix the logo's and badges on the toms sometime since i went back to the rack from stands, but for now it works ;)



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Is that a 6" tom? A custom order or did you made it yourself and matched the color?
Hi, I made it myself. Bought a keller maple shell 6" diameter by 8" deep also got some maple veneer strips to colour match with dye, once happy with the colour I dyed the shell then sprayed with guitar lacquer spray, after each spray coat buffed and polished the re applied the lacquer a number of times, fitted super hoops 11 also matched the rest of the hardware lugs, vent and optimount (had to adjust the optimount to fit the 6" diameter by drilling holes to make the slots bigger for the tension rods).
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Some pics of my Masters BCX in Piano Black finish here, first from my band`s rehearsal room during a recording session, and the others from the last gig, with custom reso heads (used them on my Mapex Saturn before, hence the logo. Will try to remove it, change it to Pearl logos untill next time). Paiste and a few Meinl cymbals, Gibraltar rack, Tama Speed Cobra pedals/HH, and Evans heads. The middle picture is not with my own cymbals, took the pic after the warm-up band had their soundcheck...


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Here's mine. Or, for this picture, Courtney's....

Masters BCX birch with wood hoops: 6.5x14 snare, 9x12 tom, 16x16 floor tom, 18x22 bass drum. Going with wood hoops has made each drum so much lighter now (bass drum weighs the same).



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Got this BLX in Sequoia Red last week-

8"-10"-12"-13"-14"-20", waiting for the 16" to be delivered :)