Show off your bass drum head graphics


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Summit Steambent flame maple drum set with 8” Summit Steambent Sassafras snare
Ouhaa, super nice, I think he tried a lot of Maple but told me that he bent less different type of wood as he had more consistency with maple and cherry than rosewood or Birch. I didn't ask about sassafras though, I really like the look of it.


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I know that this is not a competition for the best head art, but I think we all just lost to this one:

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I just cropped her & her kit out of this and made her my Facebook profile pic. :LOL: Does anyone know who this actually is? The guy kinda looks like the guitarist/singer of Southern Culture On The Skids, but I've never seen him with the big sideburns before. He usually has the opposite, a thin goatee. I dig his Motorhead shirt!

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I’ve never seen Roger Taylor play on such a small kit…joking aside, Adam Lambert hasn’t aged well…:unsure::ROFLMAO:(y)
Apologies Queen fans, having done some research it was Brian May who wore rollers in the “I want to break free” video…not Roger!:ROFLMAO:(y)