Show off your bass drum head graphics


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Sorry if this has been done before on here- mods, please delete and point me to the other thread if it exists. :)

As of this date, I like the one shown in @KEEF 's longtime avatar. Want. :D
Don’t know if anyone has seen this pic before?
No Way Mac GIF by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The current one I'm rocking. Designed by me & registered with my county.
Not only my initials but my custom drum shop logo done in a stencil format. I'm quite proud of it & the blue & black do it justice. 😎
Tubac kit.png
From a few tours ago:


There have been several over the decades, lately I'm just using a white reso with modest logos from Evans and Ludwig.
here is the one on my jazz kit. In honor of the old days and Joe Morello, and Gene Krupa...


my rock kit just has a Remo Ebony BD drum head..."elegant, simple, classic"

I think this bass drum head design is EXTREMELY cool. Let me emphasize it's not my band, not me playing, and not my bass drum. I did take the photo.

The band is Van Wholen, a Colorado Front Range band that played only David Lee Roth-era Van Halen and songs from The Who. This was a 102F performance at "Leftapalooza," a multiband concert sponsored by local Left Hand Brewing.

Van Halen and The Who are absolutely two of my most favorite catalogs and this was a great band. I was proud to be a active fan (borderline groupie) and unofficial photographer. The drummer, Greg Koch, left Van Wholen before they morphed into Van Cruelen (replacing The Who with Motley Crue) then went on hiatus. He now plays locally with "Stuck On Vinyl" and other projects.

And another from 2010 - the kit and head now reside in the showroom at Ludwig's Monroe factory.

The 27" China is Bill Ward's old cymbal. He turned it in to Sabian, guessing because it was a bit overpowering even for him, and I nabbed it. I was also asked to retire it asap.