Show me your Single Rack Tom/2-Bass Drum Sets

Curious to see how many of you have double bass drum kits with a single rack tom in between. I always dug the look of those.


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Here ya go:

I've been filling in for a guy I work with's band. Classic rock.. so I decided to go big or stay home...

13, 15, 18 over double 26's...



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Awww This gotta be my favourite thread! I love theese 1 rack tom/2 bassdrum- setups! Please people, post more pics!!


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My Ludwig 4 ply Super Classics from the 90's and a kit I wish I still had........
Most of the time I played the Pearl MX with the same 1 up just don't have any pic's of it and it's also long gone............



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My new (used) EAST doublebass. All maple shells, sounds killer. The kicks are like cannons.:)