Shout out your local GC employee


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I think if you read the posts you’ll see we’re saying the business model has ruined anyone’s motivation to want to learn anything and be good at something. Not ragging on anyone making minimum wage. Given the opportunity to excel and most will. I worked 11 years of retail. Wasn’t the worst work I did. I usually Trippled my base. Now, there’s no such opportunity. That’s wher GC is failing.

There’s a slight chance someone from GC will read some of these posts and listen. Don’t see how that constitutes the need to get over ourselves! Sorry to have urinated on your Cheerios!


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Getting worked up because somebody making $9/hr doesn't know what the bearing edge is on "insert drum shell here" is ridiculous.
Pay should not be equated with a person's desire or ability to learn, or their work ethic. It won't affect the way a good employee does their job (they know what they're making when they accept the position.) Do we adjust the way we play based on how much we're being paid? No, not if we have a good work ethic (read: being a pro.) I play at the same level whether I'm making $75 or $250 or $1500.

I agree that minimum wage pay is far from a living wage in most places, but paying someone more isn't the answer and doesn't necessarily attract more knowledgeable, motivated employees. The problem is that GC knowingly hires people who aren't good candidates for the department or advancement. I don't fault someone for accepting a job, people need money. I fault GC for their hiring practices.

Yes, they've got some stellar employees. But they are stellar people to begin with. GC needs to hire more of them, and they're out there, ready to do a great job regardless of the pay level.

Go to GC to get a good price on stuff or go spend more money at the local drum store...
That's another issue - most of GC's prices really aren't very good (unless they're running a sale, then maybe.) But they grew. Why (if their prices aren't good?) Because of the perspective that people have of big chains and box stores, that their size means big buying power (which is true) and therefore, big discounts (which is not usually true.) Best Buy, Office Depot, etc. are examples of places where you think you're getting a great deal, but rarely do (again unless something's on sale.)

The good news is, the independent shops have learned to discount like they've never had to before, and that makes it more attractive to shop there.

if you're lucky enough to have one...
Sadly, that's another problem. Most shops didn't go out because GC stole their customers. The economy - especially for MI - was pretty bad 10-15 years ago, and a lot of shops closed during that time. But they're gradually coming back, small shops that hung in there have expanded, and all are competing for our business.



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It's kind of disheartening to walk in to a GC and see a major player...Gerald Heyward in my case, working the drum department counter. Geez there was a line 2000 feet long to see a masterclass of his at the London Drum Show in 2013. He sold me a Yamaha snare stand. He was a good salesperson, knowledgeable is an understatement lol. What a humble guy. I tried to point out to some Mom buying stuff for her son there, that Gerald is a major drummer in the world today. She didn't get it. And he was too humble, in a good way. There was actually a DW ad in the store, a freestanding life size cardboard cutout of Gerald there with DW drums. I pointed that out to her. Nothing.

Making a living playing music is only for the toughest musicians these days.

I don't know how people survive in retail these days. I think I could make more panhandling ha ha.


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I tried to point out to some Mom buying stuff for her son there, that Gerald is a major drummer in the world today. She didn't get it. And he was too humble, in a good way.
I'm going out on a limb and saying Gerald did not appreciate that at all.


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My issue with GC is the availability of ANY drum guy. They go through them like crazy & I don't know why. And those that they do get, seem like they could care less if you're there or not.

I won't deal with that level of bad customer service.