Shoulder rebuild questions..


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So I crashed my mountain bike and destroyed my shoulder pretty much broke the entire ball apart. Tomorrow morning they're doing a full rebuild using a reverse ball and socket and I'm going to lose mobility. I was just curious if any of you guys. have ever been through this and is there a chance of actually recovering enough to play drums even decently again

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No experience but you are going to want to do as much physical therapy as you can get and don't wimp out when it hurts. If you don't move a joint after replacement it will not achieve maximum range of motion. Find a good PT and tell them your goals and let them work out a treatment plan and follow it.


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Yes and no. I've had both shoulders done and my left shoulder they tightened the ball and socket. Serperately I also had a spinal fusion. My shoulder surgeries were not as serious as what you are having but it did cause my to lose a lot of range of motion, especially in my left shoulder which is my dominant hand. It takes a long time to recover. I would say it was a solid year before I was drumming again and comfortable. Be patient and work hard. You might not get back to where the OLD you was, but you will reach a place where you will be comfortable, pain free and the NEW you will play drums again.


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Well if Rick Allen can do it with only one arm, I'm sure if you want it bad enough you could figure something out. It might take changing your technique and a lot of work, but you could probably get back to it. A good friend of mine had to have complete shoulder reconstruction, not as bad as what you mentioned. It took a while, but he did get back to it after about a year.


Don't know if it's relevant but it's a true story... I broke my left wrist in a very awkward place in 2000 and had it in a cast for 5 months, completely immobilizing all finger movement. So basically my left arm, specifically the forearm, shrunk to about half its size during that period, all my muscles were atrophied.

When the cast eventually came off, the doctors predicted me several months of rehabilitation to regain mobility in my wrist and I knew they weren't joking, as I couldn't bend my wrist up or down more than a few millimeters without shooting pains.

I hadn't played drums with two hands in half a year, so I said f**k it and went to my rehearsal space. Thinking back on it, I don't even remember the pains when I finally started playing two handed again, all I know is they must've been there.

I kept up playing drums throughout the week and when I went for my first follow up, the doctors were just flabbergasted...I regained an amount of mobility in my wrist in a week that could only be expected after months. Said they'd never seen anything like it... One month later I was back to playing shows...about half a year ahead of anybody's schedule.

One caveat though...I was in my late twenties when this happened and I seriously doubt I could pull off the same thing now that I'm almost fifty. But the experience still remains with me...the human body can recuperate from a lot of shit real fast if the motivation is there.


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new shoulder is in.. everything elbow down didn't get hurt luckily, had fun in the hosp other than the pain.. coming off anesthetic was the worst part of it all, i couldn't even speak for like 8 hours, was a zombie...

Anyway, thanks for all the nfo :)
P.S. worse part for me is going to be the 5 days in, plus major surgery without insurance.. will get through it though :)

On pain meds and just venting stress... also realized this shoulda been in off topic.. sorry mods :(


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Glad it was smooth Icetech...take care and vent anytime!...I can only imagine the frustration.


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I had a bad mountain bike crash just before I started my music degree, chain snapped and threw me over my handlebars. I tore everything along my right collar bone and all A&E said was the x-ray isn't showing a break take some painkillers.

The next few months weren't a whole lot of fun and it ached for years afterwards after drumming. Over time you'll be fine just don't rush into anything!

Glad the op was successful!