Should the drummer be banned from the studio post-drum tracking?


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That is the one, trying to keep band issues anonymous. Thanks for the kind words. I'm eager to hear your new thoughts on the manner. S****y thing is this band does have a real future if we keep working. We do have some opportunities to turn this full time and get some people behind us coming up real quick. I don't want to turn this full time if I am not going to be respected and valued.
Normally I'd agree with Matt given that he knows far more than me about things musical and music bizical [sic].

However ... I think the lead guy in your band is a genuine singer/songwriter talent and it's surprising that he's behaving in such eccentric manner ... or maybe not, considering the talented nut cases who've hit the heights.

I think it's worth chatting and explaining calmly how you feel. I'm guessing that he's looking for total control. Based on his apparent attitude, if you guys do crack it at the slightest provocation or temptation he'd drop his band mates in a sweet second, leaving you in a Pete Best position.

Just guessing, of course. You know the scene better than I do.

Good luck - you deserve it!