Should I take her virginity or not???? PG rated


I thought that title would get some attention. But seriously I have a Ludwig 80's Chicago Keystone badge Maple classic drum set in Red Mahogany. The 24" bass drum is virgin and I do like it that way but I am toying with the idea of putting a Ludwig modular tom mount on top of the bass. Should I do it or not????


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There are too many other ways of mounting toms to drill a hole in a virgin bass drum.
Cymbal stands, snare stands, and racks are all suitable prophylaxis for errant drills.


Ok so I am not going to do it. I remember another post on here about stupid things you did or modified when you were younger and I think that this may be one of those times, in which I am now going to avoid doing. Here is another one. I have a 1954??ish Sherwood snare that was given to me as a kid. (Sherwood was only out about a year or so and made by Ludwig) I think it was originally white, then painted black, and I ended up painting it peuter a few years ago, man that was dumb.


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Imagine, there's no hardware,

No tom brackets too,

Nothing to drill or or splice for,

above us only pies,

Imagine all the tom toms,

ringing true & free,




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I guess that I'm the wrong guy to respond to this Thread! LOL! You made the right choice. I only drilled this bass drum for this cymbal stand because I moved the tom mount to the back and there was a hole there from where the tom mount was. Rather than fill the hole I chose to use it for a practical reason. In this case it worked well for me and I don't regret it.