Should I sell my 2nd bass drum?


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When I bought my kit it came with a 2nd bass drum. Both are 22x16, and in almost new condition. I just never use it, and I could definitely use the money and the extra space it takes up in storage. I know taste change, but I really can’t see myself using a double bass drum setup, and I know it cost a lot to ship a bass drum. Where I live isn’t exactly a hot spot for Craigslist drum sales, so I’d probably have to use eBay or I’m just not sure and I’d appreciate advice


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I hate having drums that I never use, and have sold a few to put the money to better use. Bills, different drum equip., whatever. Out of sight out of mind. Take a photo of it and post it in the classified section here at the top of the General Discussion section.
I think it really depends on the bass drums value and how desirable it is . Or how badly you need the money and or space . Depending on the value , shipping cost ( could) holdback a sale . If it’s a local pick up and you really need the money and space then absolutely .... sell it . But if your not talking a lot of profit on a sale and can make the room , I say keep it . You never know when you may want to go back to double bass 🤷🏻‍♂️. Also , do you gig out a lot ? Maybe keep it as a spare if the other is ever damaged 🤔. You’ve got a few questions to ask yourself and pros and cons to weigh out.


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I sold my 24x16 Ludwig bass drum earlier this year, it was the original bass drum with the kit but it was heavy and gathering dust. Got a good price for it.

Best to let someone else appreciate it.


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I don’t play double bass drum but I keep my second matching Bass drum.
Why ? It’s 90’s kit, Spurs can break. Spare parts may be helpful. Secondly, I have one bass with an open sound, and another one which stays at home much more dampened.


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Yes. Sell it. If you've no inkling to play double bass, time to let it go. Use the money you get for it for something else.


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Here's a question, what is it? Might be worth keeping, might be worth nothing. If it's something special, something not made anymore, I'd keep it. If it's a basic run of the mill drum that there are millions of, I'd sell it. If it's garbage, I'd sell it in hopes that someone would actually buy it.


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I don't keep anything not being used.......I vote sell - put the money towards something you will use!


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I'd keep it, just in case if you don't really need the money.

This way, you widen your customer base if you ever decide to sell the whole kit.

Never say never.


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I have a similar predicament. I have a 2nd bass drum I have not used in years. I can't even remember the last time I set it up.

But would I really get much money for it? I doubt it. Finding a buyer would be a needle in a haystack. The possibility that anyone would be looking for a 2nd bass drum in the same exact make, model, and color is low.

Maybe your bass drum is a make, model, and color that is still popular, or widely used, and would fetch something.
I say sell it! Keep 'dat sweet used drum economy going! As a matter of fact, sell your crash cymbal too! 🐳
Maybe one day the us whimpersnappers will pay it forward! :D
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Except if I missed something, you didn't tell us what was your kit ? Like I said, I'm happy to have two bass drums.
Not to play Raining blood, but to have spare parts if needed (old kit), and, more important, one in case ready to go, open sounding, and one which stays in the studio, much more muffled, and different skins.
It's a gain of time. I admit it's luxury.