Should I sand this? rough edge


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the pic makes it look a little worse then it is, it is a rough edge on my hi hat, almost looks like a small dent, not really a crack. should I try sanding it?


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Commonly referred to as a "flea bite"

Unless it's causing you undue stress, I wouldn't worry about it. More often than not, they're far too small to have any material impact on the sound.


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Probably best just to leave it. If you start sanding it, one thing will lead to another - LOL


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I´ve had one of those in mi top hh, played for years without any problem until a crack started to develop from that spot. so now sand every nick or fleabite


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I used 600 grit sand paper with a little water and clean up edges on a few of my cymbals. I use a little tape to mask off the areas I dont want to touch. If you find my other threads on here you can see my method. I have done this with my super expensive cymbals and ones I bought used with excellent results.