should i quit drum lessons?


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If someone's seeming a bit crusty to you, then look for someone a little less so.

Formal lessons or not, at least try and find good drummers that you can learn from.


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my teacher is cool, he doesnt really play my style though...
That doesn't matter- at your age/experience level you will have a lot of fundamentals to learn. By definition those will apply to "your" style and many others, and you can't rightly call yourself a drummer without knowing them anyway. And if he knows what he's doing, he can help you learn the style you want whether he plays it himself or not.

i pay 20 bucks a week, its a 20 min drive for a half hour lessons, and its been 5 months and i dont really think im learnig anything, we just flop back and forth on it? ya know what i mean?
No. Are you practicing the materials he's assigning you? If you show up to your lesson week after week without working up the assignment, then yeah, you're not learning anything. You have to trust that he is giving you things that are going to help you long term and learn them, whether or not you see the immediate need.

should i quit or continue?? and how long does a drummer really need lessons anyway??
Longer than five months, and well past age 15.

Is it better to teach your self, like MOST famous drummers.. such as, lars ulrich, dave lombardo, mike portney, neil peart, joey jordison, etc etc etc.... and honestly i think i learn more when i teach myself??
Most famous drummers other than those guys have studied. And you have to teach yourself regardless. The teacher can show you how things are done, how to learn, and alert you to things you're doing that are slowing you down, but he can't make you into a drummer.