Should I pull the trigger on this Black Panther?


So I've heavily been in the craigslist market for a 13x6 (or 7) snare. I have a couple 14" snares that I love but I really want a 13". And keep in mind that I am not one of those people looking for a $400 snare. Just something of quality that isn't gonna kill me.

I've had my eye on Black Panthers for a while and this size seems like a good place to start in terms of 13" snares.

Anyone have any comments on this particular snare, Black Panthers in general, or 13" snares in general?

And is this snare at a good enough price? I think I saw him post this for like 250 a few months ago... $150 for a BP seems pretty good...


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I own six 13" snare drums, and I have this BP snare, but in black lacquer. It is worth $150 all day. Mine is in my top 5 favorite snares. and I gig with it all the time.
All the Black Panthers are great drums, pretty much without exception.



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Looks like a good deal to me. No BP snare here, just an inexpensive Mapex 13 x 3.5, that serves its purpose.


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Man, that thing looks sweet! BPs are great snares. I haven't heard a dud from them yet. It's time to drop a time. Happy trails with it.


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That is a nice snare. I've seen this snare before and played it... it sounds nice tuned mid range and higher. It can crack really well too. It is a nice buy, especially at $150.00.


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The 6x13 BP snare drums were a special run built each year for a few years. Mapex did a Bird's eye maple, Cherry maple and a gloss black. One of the years the drum was a free bonus when you bought a Pro M kit. At the end of each year the drums were sold on closeout in a price range between $99.00 and $120.00. I bought the Birds eye maple and Cherry maple drums but passed on the black version. They are wonderful drums and very diverse. The retail was close to $400.00 but chances are the seller bought the drum in the price range I bought the drums for. You may want to ask him about this, otherwise paying $150.00 for the drum isn't such a bad thing.


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^^^^ Those are some really nice first gen Black Panthers.
I've seen brand new snares in worse condition!



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I have the Thomann special edition black panther in a natural finish. I think its a good snare. For the money I think its a good deal.