Should I jump on this Gretsch?


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I've been keeping an eye on craigslistand this just popped up recently:

I'm just starting out, and the price is more than I really want to spend, but it seems like all the pieces (if they're in decent condition) are worth more than the asking price. If this is the case, how easy is it to resell the stuff I don't want at this point (the mics)? Thanks for the help.


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The weakest piece there is probably the DW 7000 pedal but I would take a look in person and be careful, but the price with Zildjians doesn't sound bad.


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Definitely check 'em out. He mentions "wear and tear from gigging" a couple of times. Always a sign to have a good look at them......wear and tear may mean a lot, or it may mean a little, but you need to sight 'em first.

Another thing to note. Supraphonics are not steel, they are aluminium. It's a common mistake due to the chrome, but always worth checking to make sure you're actually getting what is advertised.


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Depending on condition, it seems like a real good deal. That's also assuming you're familiar with the drums and cymbals, and like them enough that those would be your choices if buying individually.

See if he can send you some pics.


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Cool, I'll definitely ask for some pics. My drum teacher offered to help me check out any drums that I'm looking at to make sure they're in good shape, so I'll definitely go set eyes and ears on them. Do you think I'd be able to turn around those mics to get the net cost down?


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I'm sure you can easily sell the AKG and SM57 mics if you want. They are very popular. However, the set of Nady's might be a white elephant. I don't really know since I've never used them, but Nady's are generally cheap mic packs. I suspect you could sell them but probably not for a whole lot.

I'm guessing if they work you can get $70-80 for the AKG and $40-50 for the SM57.


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First time I clicked on the link in the first post, there were no pics. Now they've been added. Anyone else notice that?
Just a cursory glance says they haven't been abused, but you'd really have to see them in person to see if they meet what you're looking for.


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$900 for decent drums and cymbals that will actually last a long time and not sound like crap? Barring any major problems, go for it. The heads are probably beat to heck, and will need to be replaced, so use that to bargain.

You'd have a hard time piecing together those cymbals, used, for less than $400. Even if you break a crash, you still have two good ones! A new Pearl Forum costs about the same, but the cymbals are bad, bad, bad. Back in the day, that Zildjian Ping Ride was the hottest thing!

The pedals will eventually have problems, but so will new pedals that come with an entry level kit.

Since you can't vouch for how the mics have been cared for, I'd try to leave them out of the deal.

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Everything looks a little dirty except the cymbals. Wear and tear?? I gig a lot and the only wear on my gear is the heads? even the pedals are dirty???? is he a farmer???


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I don't think you should jump on it. You might crush the kick. How many plies is a Cat Maple...? Most times when you see lead singers on top of the kick, it's a stunt drum that's had reinforcement installed for just such a maneuver. That should not be tried on an off-the-shelf kit.

On the other hand, if you go see it and it's all pretty structurally sound, you might have a good deal there. A new Supra's about $400, the cymbals are about $600 by themselves new... of course, you can always try to talk him down.