Should I buy this kit?


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At my music shop where i take lessons they have a DW 4 peice kit (Bass, 2 racks and a floor tom) on sale for $1000. Right now I've got a massive yamaha stage custom kit and I've been thinking of getting a real high end kit for awhile. I've only had the stage customs for about a year. Should I buy this kit?


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Do you like the color?

Do you like the sound?

Do you like the sizes?

Will you regret buying it?

Seems like a good deal but the final decision is up to you, and you have to ask yourself these questions, we can only tell you so much.

I would say that if you answer yes yes yes no to those Questions than go for it, just make sure you won't regret it.

Also take into consideration that it is going to be EXPENSIVE to add on if you choose to do so.

Remember there will always be some type of deal, If you spend a grand on a nice kit you might find the same one on eBay for $700, but that's part of the risk :)

Happy hunting

It would also be nice to see pics :)


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Bottom line is it's your decision. Do you like DW's or are you just going off of brand recognition. Personally I think DW's while very nice kits are extremely overpriced, and you are paying for the name. Unless you need to buy them quickly, I would do some good research before committing to a high end kit. Make sure it is something you really want, and don't just buy on an impulse because you think you are getting a good deal. There are great deals everywhere.


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I've never seen a DW kit, that wasn't worth at least $1K ... so I'd say "pull the trigger" .... especially if you have the cash ... that you can keep your Yamaha's at home ... and use the DW's as your gigging kit.​
Since you take lessons there, they must know you, to some degree ... so, walk in there, cash in hand, and talk to them .... ask questions ... look the drums over carefully ... play them .... ask questions ... be direct ... "why so cheap?" .... if you like the drums ... offer them $900 ... maybe they'll take 9, maybe not .... don't be afraid to walk away from the drums, if they're not what you want .... but, on the other hand, don't be afraid to take 'em home, if they're what you want.​