Shortest possible driveshaft rod for double pedals?


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Hello! First time poster here.

Does anyone know of a short or shorter driveshaft rod to connect double pedals? I guess people usually ask for a longer, more extendable one? I’m the reverse!

I’m just starting to get used to life with a double pedal but I’d like to have my hi hat footboard closer, like I used to have it.

I see there’s a company called OffSet who do shorter driveshafts but they insist their connecting rod is for OffSet pedals ONLY.

Does anyone know of a more universal shorter connecting rod?

many thanks in advance


Or, approach it another way:
I like my HiHat pedal close too, so I put the slave kick pedal outside it.
For me this makes sense, as I spend more time with my left foot on the HH pedal anyway.
Yea, I was going to suggest this same thing. Put your slave pedal on the outside, not inside, of your hi hat pedal.


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If you're just getting used to a double pedal, I wouldn't worry about where you used to have your hi-hat foot. I only started practicing double bass this year, and was surprised how fast my hi-hat foot got used to its new position. If anything, it was the distance of the hi-hat themselves that was bothersome, but a tilting hi-hat stand took care of that issue tout de suite.

But, I can't imaging needing or being able to have the bass drum pedals closer than the standard drive-shaft length. Have you thought about the diameter of your snare drum? Since it sits right between your legs, your snare drum will determine how close together you can get your legs. You could probably try to wrap your legs around the snare drum, and tow your lower legs inward from the knees, but I don't think that'll do you any good.

Why not get used to the pedals as they are, or at least get some more time under your belt with the pedals, before taking measures that might be a bit extreme.