Short solo (mapex saturn + k custom hybrids)


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Nice playing and Nice Kit too.
I have a Saturn kit and K Cust Hy's too.
I really like my Saturn kit as well as the K pies.
I haven't played my Saturn's in a long time. (last February)
I have 3 vintage kits that I am forever switching back and forth between.
You have inspired me to set the Saturn's up.
It will be like getting a new kit :)
Thanks for sharing.


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Nice openhanded playing. Kit sounds great. I recently passed on a good deal on a Saturn and went a different direction. Your video is making me second guess myself. Really like the tone of the toms.


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Thanks guys. Yeah the Saturns are really nice kits. I got mine quite beaten up and just cleaned it up and it came out very nice. The kit only sounds good because of my tunebot. Honestly, that thing is a lifesaver. I could never tune before that but once I got it I finally understood what tuned drums were supposed to sound like.

Thanks again for watching