Short free form solo..throwing in more chops than Jack Nicholson in The Shining


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Odd responses, whether requested or not, aren't suggestions or comments what these little boxes are for?
So my answer to 'now what' might be 'solo ideas' (something to build on) as indicated', and I'd add 'sorry I bothered you'


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How about just saying..: “nice playing”..?

Like said above, someone posts a video with some pretty nice playing, thats enough..

That should actually be encouraged, instead of receiving useless replies like that..
I reply as I reply. Just as you do. I don't see "nice playing dude" from you either. Matter of fact, your response to me was as useless to PERCUSSKI as you say my response was to him. Go figure.


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..I don't see "nice playing dude" from you either..

Then better put on your glasses and look again at what i wrote..:

“..someone posts a video with some pretty nice playing..”

Also my reply-suggestion “nice playing” shows that i think Percusski plays pretty ok..

But, to answer again your “now what..?” question (which was kinda asked in general, thats why i answered)..

Try to analyze those 20 seconds and, who knows, maybe even you will learn something from them..


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I would like to see a bit longer, although some don't like solos, I heard some very nice licks in there. And I'll do one better than Bermuda and post my playing. Percusski drum on.


Ok great stuff... they're short because I'm editing them down for my Instagram (percusski) best under a minute duration, in the past I've found people get bored with longer