Shoes for drumming


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Literally you could wear anything. Jared Falk from drumeo literally did it in ski boots.

However, I do agree that socks sometimes aren’t the best because they slip easily. It’s really a personal preference. I like to wear any pair of sneakers, or bare feet.

K Chez

I was always of the mindset that light=faster, but I've found out otherwise, at least for me. I used to play in an old pair old Simpson racing shoes-very light and form fitting and for the most part, they were fine. Since I got back into playing, I've been working on more thrash/blast type stuff and I've found that the skate shoes I ride flatland bmx in (DVS Comanche with a very stiff sole) are way better when doing 32nd note patterns and doubles. During the winter, I played in snow boots just messing around and it was shockingly not bad. Seems like a little more weight was actually a good thing. Then again, Gene Hoglan plays in work boots with ankle weights, so I probably should have thought about that one sooner.


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Really you don't even need shoes! But, if you REALLY need to have a pair, and it's important to have a special kind of shoe, either choose between Vans, Converse, or Adidas. I recently got Vans Navy Blue shoes just to drum in.

You might want to get a shoe that hugs your foot and are tiny. Neil Peart used dancer shoes in his Work in Progress tutorial video lol. He actually has his own shoe line for drummers!!