Shoes for drumming


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I prefer skate type shoes too (and I'm lucky because my brother has a skate soes shop), but sometimes I have to play with classic shoes and a tuxedo.


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I had no clue that there's shoes designed specifically for drumming, I've always worn whatever shoes I have on at the time and occasionally played barefoot.


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Hi all! The shoes ive drummed in for 2 years (only been drumming 3 1/2) are hanging on to life by a final thread, and i was thinking today that i would just get another pair. Well i looked online and i saw they are no longer produced, so i was wondering "oh no, what do i do!" I came across these, and wondered if they are worth trying/using
half of me says they would do their job perfectly, the other half screams marketing scam, any opinions, ect on these?
These are a pair of OP's i got at walmart for $5 on sale. They are very light weight, smooth sole and most important, they are comfortable. I prefer to play in these oppose to barefoot or with socks. I feel like i have better foot control.



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Vans, Asics wrestling shoes, Sperry boat shoes, US Army combat boots when I was in service, socks. I play heeldown on Ludwig Speed Kings.


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I think anything with a flat sole will work. I played with socks on for
Until i started singing & was getting



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Some great suggestions here!

I don't agree with those that say it doesn't matter, if you can play well in boots, think how much better you could play in flexible, lighter shoes!

Anything with a flat-sole and lightweight really. Converse All Stars of VANS are great shouts especially because they've released "lean" and "lo pro" versions which have thinners soles.

I've put my thoughts on this in a post on my blog if people are interested in it.


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Those Vans are sweet! Wonder if they still make the Jeff Spicoli black/white checkered models...if so, I would be all in! I had a pair a long time ago and those things would really take a beating.
"That was my skull!"


I have a pair of Merrel barefoot running shoes that I got really cheap on clearance. Not the kind with the individual toes, they have a front/toe section like a normal pair of shoes. They are super light, grippy, flexible, and have tons of arch support molded into the sole design. In short, they are the ULTIMATE drumming shoes.


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What do you wear if the gig calls for everyone to wear a Tux? Not every gig is a jeans n t-shirt event.
If I'm playing at somewhere that formal, I'll wear appropriate dress shoes. If They aren't comfortable enough to play in, I'll have a pair of black sneakers behind the kit that I can change into. I have plain black sneakers for work, so it's not like I'm buying anything extra for the occasion.

I normally wear my standard old-school plain white low-top Nikes when playing most venues, cuz that's what is comfortable, for me.


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I like the light slip-on Vans also. Have several pair, I use them as house shoes as I'm not a big fan of slippers. When I got back into drumming, discovered they work quite well. I also have a pair of wide-sole very low-profile Sketchers shoes that are great for drumming.


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I'm gonna give these new TAMA "Iron Cobra" shoes a try...

BD pedals are a thing of the past.

I really like i want this shoes please tell me where to buy?

That post is over 7 years old and they may have been discontinued . You can always look on nikes site and see if you find them or something else . I’ll personally never purchase anything from Nike again . But that’s just me . Besides I prefer to play in socks or bare feet👍🏻