Shitty bands that don't use a real drummer

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Lunar Satellite Brian

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hey guys, I just thought I would make a thread about all the terrible bands out there that use drum machines instead of real drummers.
Preferably the worst the programming drums sound the better.

I found this really shitty band that's starting up called Clairvoyance Bell that doesn't use a real drummer, which is stupid because apparently he can actually play drums. Grade A+ stupidity in my opinion.

anyways, link to some songs with the absolute worst programmed drums ever.

Beam Me Up Scotty

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I'm sorry... but what's the purpose? To team up and bash bands?

No, i think something like this is best left alone. We're supposed to be welcoming and supportive of musicians, not bashing them for their choices. Especially when we don't know WHY the choice to go drumerless was made.
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