Shipping from Brazil


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What exactly is it you're looking for? You might have better luck here:

They get good stuff and are easy to work with.
Wooden bird calls and samba whistles:

I want the set with the CD, similar ones are available on eBay but way more expensive for whatever reason.

That site looks German probably won't help in the US.

They even appear to be carried in Walmart Brazil...


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In case anyone else wants to no 4TW.

The whistles chirp, bark, growl, snort, squawk, quack, grunt, scream, squeak, sing a song in the night, fabulous.

4repack was really cool to work with. They contacted the seller and worked out the weights and everything. They were even hit by hurricane Irma and a Brazillian Postal worker strike and managed to get the whistles here in a reasonable amount of time, by upgrading my shipping and using DHL.

It was a pretty interesting experience just shopping, I kind of assumed that Brazil would have a functional postal service, but not so much. They have a giant river called the Amazon right in the middle of everything. Though more and more I feel like the Amazon is the heart of western culture, from spices and foods to music.