I don't think Shiny is on this site, I searched him, but my efforts proved fruitless.

Just some insight on him; He is currently (And has been since around 1997) the drummer for Dir En Grey. Dir En Grey is a Japanese Metal band, although their style always differs from one album to another, for example Gauze, the first album, would be something reminiscent of J-Pop (Japanese Pop) and their newest release: Uroboros, would be a very heavy and very dark type of Metal with some traditional Japanese elements thrown in.

Anywho, on to the subject at hand.

I started this thread because this man is an absolutely magnificent drummer. He moves around is (Quite large) kit smoothly, effectivly and quickly. He does so, all the while making quite complex fills. There aren't many songs (Considering the 7 album discography and quite a few singles) that are "easy" per say. An excellent example would be Vinushka from Uroboros, in which he seems to show what he can do. Some songs are very different, an example would be Aggitated Screams Of Maggots from Marrow Of The Bone (Sixth release) which is just straightforward metal where he seems to have switched personalities from "Calm, calculating and precise" to "I'm going to destroy my drum kit as best I can". I think many here would like what he does, just for the fact of the range he has; going from Heavy metal to a jazzy song (On the album Kai, which is a remix album, but he played the drums in the song Ain't Afraid to die ~Whith a frosted ambience~) even if you don't like metal.

Anyways, I hope people reply after hearing a couple of songs and share their opinion on him.


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Re: Shinya (Dir En Grey)

yes i am impressed by his skill, i've been a fan of Dir en grey for a long time now, and i must say Shinya must be one of the best drummers in the world. People would usually underestimate him because of his fragile and skinny feminine look, but he sure can drum o_o


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I totally agree.
He is amazing, especially on the bass drums.
It was through my daughters I started to listen to Dir en grey.