shin splints


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This may have been raised already in the many threads this place offers.

So my apologies to reinvent the wheel, but do any of you suffer shin splints ?

I cant play "heel up" from an old great if their was a kick that you could drive with your heel rather than toe resting on the plate...and personally I reckon it would be better ergonomically.

Anyway I cant play heel toe with my heel up in the air, and just toe driven (or transfer of weight from heel to toe) at any sort of tempo and the ol shin splints start up

Funny it doesnt happen on the hat pedal !!

Anyway any advice welcome


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Thanks Bretton, have you ever tried them ? Cant seen to find anyone who stocks them here so may have to look out on US pages.

Thanks again


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I actually get shin splints on my left leg if things start out with a fast swing or similar before I'm warmed up.

I go back to a stretch exercise I learned in running. While standing straight (you can do this sitting at the kit but it's more awkward and hard on your knee) and keeping your heel down, bounce the front of your foot up and down 5-10 reps. Now turn your foot as far to one side as is comfortable and repeat. Then repeat with the foot pointed in the other direction. Once or twice though and for me at least, no pain. You would think this stretches the Achilles tendons and calf, and it probably does, but it also wards off shin splints.


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Thanks Aeolian. That makes perfect sense as drumming is like strenous walking / running...and when you get to be an old fart like me streching is mandatory.

So I have started with your strech idea, plus lower rep kick work to start with...alo moved my pedals a bit as I am more "splay" footed than most and find my knees hurt ( similar to when I very rarely ski)

So both good ideas posted in reply...thank you both !!


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There are thing you can do to ease the shin pain when drumming.
Firstly, you need to stretch the lower leg muscles everyday - 3 times ideally. Both calf and shin muscles.
You can also strengthen your shin muscles using resistance bands. I think this would help with this particular problem as the foot resting in this position is causing the problem as the muscles aren't strong enough to support it.
There's loads on shin splints treatment here