She's Back!!!


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man, this growing on me as time goes....

all of the right allusions to early 90's synth/pop/jazz stuff I think

so solid


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I’ve always loved her playing. Nice video.

For those who want more, she will give you lessons:

Edit: I read that Anika studied under Claus Hessler, so I searched for an example of his playing (headphones/earbuds to hear the bass line):

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You aint Kidding,love her groove and drum sound .And she' s a good looking drummer !

she has been in the top of my list of inspiring drummers for about 9 years solid and phat!!


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Pretty interesting how she buries the stick in the snare as previously discussed on another thread. She's a solid player.

yeah...she buries, and then ghosts...and has that open index finger style

Cmdr. Ross

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She's definitely in a whole other league. Proof that with the right attitude and patience, YouTube success can pay off.