Setup for recording - interface and laptop - how do you have it physically arranged


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Hi Folks-- I was wondering how you have your drum room arranged... I'd like to have access to laptop, interface (e.g., Focusrite Scarlett 18i20)), and monitor wedge., and ideally, a full electronic piano keyboard (for MIDI input). Interface in arms reach to easily adjust input gains... and wedge for easy on/off. Laptop for editing, start/stop recording, etc.

Just looking for ideas... if you have photos to share, I'd appreciate it.


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I have my interface close enough to my drums for the headset to reach. I use LogicRemote on my cell/iPad as a transport so that I do not need to touch my iMac while recording.


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Around 2012, I began recording with a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 tethered to an iMac, running the Presonus DAW Studio One. Very stable, very easy to learn on (learn about latency and how to avoid and/control it, learn about phase between mics, etc.).

Eventually, Apple dropped Firewire, angered an entire planet of Mac users, and Firewire devices began bloating our landfills. ☹

My mixer eventually died and I went with a Presonus Studio 192 for my interface (USB!), an Audient ASP880 sync'd and connected via light pipe to the Studio 192, with Studio One DAW easily configured for 16 inputs with zero latency (when using the onboard Presonus Fat Channel DSP processing, which can either be recorded or bypassed during tracking).

There is no MIDI in/out/through with this setup. When I use a MIDI instrument and I have to track a song, I convert the MIDI channel to an audio track. This reduces CPU load considerably, and eliminates the possibility of a MIDI engine failure during tracking.

Pic taken when using the StudioLive mixer:



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I must have moved my room around 6 times before I finally arrived at this:

My mixer can record to a built in SD card or it works as an interface straight into Ableton Live.



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Pics of my current setup. Gone is the iMac and StudioLive mixer. Now I just tote in my laptop to control the gear. Notice the cement floor. The hard walls. Not ideal. When the kit is nearer either end of my [photo] studio, the slapback is terrible, but when it's in the center of the room it's not bad.


Here's an example (trying to break a snare drum), but with a plate reverb plugin.