Setup Dilema. I need to decide on a drum setup...

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This may sound weird, but I'm VERY frustrated. I can't find a setup that works. There's not enough room in my bedroom where I have to keep the drums to make the setup I had in mind a realistic setup.

I wanted a Matt Greiner inspired setup, but there a few obstacles... too many to try and explain to you.

I'm just really frustrated. If any of you get something out of this post, then please help me out. If you can't relate to one thing, then I'm fine with that, and I'm sorry for wasting 2 (3 tops) minutes of your time.


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How do you want your drums set up? You have a five piece right? The tamas? You can either set them up two up or one down or one up two down if you wanted...I don't see the problem
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