Setting up Snare Wires.

paradiddle pete

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Much the same as setting up a guitar ( intonating ) how do you guys set up your snare drums? EG. I'd be interested to see how you folks go about it..


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Make sure they are level & centralised. Slowly bring the tension up til the buzz stops. Job done.


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For me, tuning the snare side head goes hand in hand with setting up the snare wires. The number of wires and tension play a part in the set up as well. There are plenty of videos that show how to get a good snare wire set up. Whatever sounds good to every other drumming situation.


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See Frosticles

Instead of snare chord or plastic straps use grosgrain ribbon. Dirt cheap from craft stores for a big reel of the stuff. Best stuff for attaching snare wires.