Set List Help Please?


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I am starting a new band. All members are amateurs, intermediate level at best. We would like to play in birthday parties and actually charge for it, and have a lively set of classic rock and rock/pop songs of 60s, 70s and 80s.

I hope it's OK to ask here because the main focus is to have songs that do feature guitar solos, but short, to the point, and not too difficult. If this were out of line due to being a drummers forum, I would not have problems to delete the thread, and I apologize in advance if it is the case. But I would guess many here would have a clear idea.

Songs should be "very" recognizable and popular, we would have the ladies asking their dates to the dance floor, and stay there.

Band is: two guitars, bass, drums, two lead vocals, and two background vocals.

Could you please help? I would like to have as many as possible. Thanks!


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Its all depends on the age group and venue what goes best but my cover bands has had good luck with the following: Twist and shout, maybe Im amazed, foxy lady, Almost anything Led Zeppelin (Dazed and confused, Immigrant song go real well), Almost any Pink Floyd (Money, Time etc..) AC/DC (lots but we do TNT), A lot of other songs you could do just some well that have went well for us. Keep in mind the songs you cover matter but how you perform them matters almost as much too. My band has lists of songs we can play but always try to play songs you can really get into.


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Great question, I'm struggling with it too. Did not want to ask it because if you search for Songs you get 4 pages of threads about songs. We're a group of 35-40 yrs old beginners, so we have a huuuuge musical history but not very clever yet on our instruments, which includes the singer's throat :) don't think of suggesting any Tina Turner songs...

Anyway we did 2 (two) practice sessions so far and we have 3 songs:
- I love rock & roll (watch out for the odd 6/4 at the end of the chorus :) half of the band ends up the wrong way around all the time :) )
- Seven nation army (this takes some very convinced and convincing singing...)
the 3rd one is French and I won't even mention it, I am tolerating it because the other 2 suggestions were mine (way too many for a drummer :p) but it's not as popular as the others. I think it sucks. But you can't be too selective otherwise you'lll never have a set list :)

I'd love to do Knock on wood as well, but we "can't do that because we have no horns section". O...K... :S


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Oh Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison

Day Tripper - Beatles

Honky Tonk Women - Rolling Stones

Not so much of guitar soloing, but relatively easy for everybody to play.

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Base your songs around what the singers can comfortably sing and ask yourself, can/would I dance to that?

I've always had a good ear for danceable music.

I'd love to do Knock on wood as well, but we "can't do that because we have no horns section".


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We have a lively set of classic rock and rock/pop songs of 60s, 70s and 80s.
If you have this then you have your set list. Play what you like. Play what you know. Be prepared to play anything you have. If you get requests for things you don't know, see if you want to learn them.

Good luck and have fun.