Session Pro DD505 Electronic Drum Kit

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Hi all

Maybe some of you know that my Daughter attended the London Drum Show this year, she loved it so much that she want to start drumming.

Because she lived in a flat it is not possible at this stage to play an acoustic kit.

I thought an electronic kit would be the sensible choice, but we don't want to spend too much at this stage and we're about to pull the trigger on this kit:

The price is fine, the question is anybody has got this kit?

Anything we should know about it? Good or bad...

This is only to start up, if she's hooked, we'll buy a proper acoustic kit.

I've already gave her a practice pad and a pair of drumsticks.

Thanks in advance :)


I have had this kit for a few years. I have had a lot of trouble with my kit sadly. My hi-hat doesn't work anymore, and my floor Tom works on and off. This drum set is very basic. It would be be much better to invest in Yamaha or Roland. I understand that not everyone can afford that though. If you can afford it, I would defiantly recommend it. The pro session drums sound very fake, and the pads are very un-sensitive. I can't play to any songs with the drum set because of the sounds and bad triggering. If you didn't already notice, there is a huge jump from this electronic drum kit to others in the market. This isn't because these drums are a great deal, it is because they cut a lot of corners making them. Not to try to make you sad about that set, I'm just trying to save you from the mistake I made.