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A little shameless self promotion...

Just to let you know that I been selected featured teacher at "SEN" which is a very important community of drum teachers integrated today by 1600 teachers around the world. The group is hosted by a great drummer and educator, Joe Bergamini.

It is the first time since its inception that someone outside USA / Canada was selected.

I am honored and very grateful for the distinction.

Anyone interested to join (is for teachers), is a great place for exchanging ideas about drum education. There are many activities that include a forum specialized in the activity and very interesting "webinars", etc.

To join SEN, please visit


Alex Sanguinetti

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Thanks a lot GRUNTERSDAD!

SEN is about all aspects concerning education: drum techniques, different programs for students, business aspects, educational material, dealing with varios topics like cancelation, student retention, use of technology, summer erollment, etc. plus activities like webinars.

This one happened last Tuesday 3 May, with, from Left to Right: Meg Thomas (teacher), Rich Stitzel (teacher), Victor Salazar (host from "Vic´s Drum Shop", Chicago), Billy Cobham and Joe Bergamini.

Billy was informing us about the different techniques he will use for teaching at the upcoming event: August 1-6 at Mesa Performing Arts Center, Mesa, AZ, he is doing together with Dean Brown, Ric Fierabracci, and Gerry Etkins "The Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat":

Best regards!
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