Selling Stuff Moan ...

I recently went to my local drum store to see if I could unload my orphans and some misc hardware. I figured I'd take store credit and pick up a nice snare or some hats or something. Walking through the store, it was almost exclusively junk. Lots of low end stuff in bad condition. But there were just enough halfway decent pieces that I thought I could make it work, so I showed my stuff to the owner.

This is some good gear that I've got. Some vintage pieces in mint condition. High quality major name USA made stuff. Perfect bearing edges on everything, no missing or unorignal parts, perfect wrappings, etc. Well, the owner's offer was such a lowball that I wouldn't have parted with a single piece for what he was offering for everything, even with store credit. I ended up leaving with what I brought in.

Anyway, I'll be selling my stuff on eBay. Someone will want it at some point. But I was pretty disappointed that we were just so vastly far apart on a deal of any kind.