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Don't do what I did by not putting a no reserve thinking that it would sell at a good price. My 20" Hand Hammered, absolutely mint condition went for about £80. I thought I was going to do well with the hundred of views it had.


Really? I just shipped a 20" China to Romania via UPS, it was $45.
Do you have a frequent flyer UPS account? Does it cost much?

All I did was sign up through paypal, and my prices dropped slightly. West coast---Spain was indeed that expensive for me.


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Do you have a frequent flyer UPS account? Does it cost much?

All I did was sign up through paypal, and my prices dropped slightly. West coast---Spain was indeed that expensive for me.
My wife is a Powerseller, which might earn us further discounts.


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So I've sold and shipped my first item. Got a decent price for it too. I just wanted to thank everyone here for they're helpful advice. I'm not done with you yet though. I'm selling a few more items and someone asked the question "Do you combine shipping." Of course I have no problem doing that but I'm just a little sketchy on how to set that up.

What I've done so far is: My eBay > Account > Site Preferences

Then I show the Shipping Preferences and made sure that "Offer combined payments and shipping" was marked "Yes."

Is that it? Will eBay take care of the rest as far as combine the invoices is concerned or is there something else I need to do.

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if someone buys more than one item then when you click send invoice all the items appear on the same page. just tick the items and fill in the correct postage and insurance cost. click preview invoice to make sure it has done it right, sometimes it ignores your new costs.


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Statistically items sell for most on a Thursday night or a Sunday night so probably best to aim for a finish on these days. I usually aim mine to finish at weekend as more people are available to bid than during a week day.

Always look at other items and see what they go for. Sometimes the selling price is so low that you end up not listing. I've not listed some vintage cameras because the general buying price is so low I'd rather give them away rather than go through the hassle.

Good luck


There are a few ways to have an auction. If the item is really valuable, they tend to have a "reserve". Meaning that even though you may start bidding at .99 cents, the product will not sell unless the reserve is met, which would be $4,000 or whatever.

Since I am selling average/name products not collectors items I may do this:

Item: Ludwig LM 402 14x6.5" supraphonic used/like new
You want no less than $300

Start bidding at the minimum price you could part with the item. Any lower, and it could sell and you are out.

Start bidding: $299

Set a "buy it now" price that is reasonable. $375.

Customers know what you have in mind, they might try to bid, or just decide $375 is fair and buy it with no hassle.

Both have worked for me. Either I get my minimum price, buy it now price, or sometimes they get in a bidding war and someone pays more than "buy it now."

Thusfar, I have only sold ONE item below what I wanted to. And that was years ago. It was one of those "live and learn" things.

Make sure you include the phrase "I expect immediate payment upon winning" otherwise some clown will use ebay like a lay away service and you won't see a dime for a couple weeks. If they play this game, DO NOT give them feedback. If you give these people anything less than positive feedback (no matter how bad they are) they use it as an excuse to leave a false negative for you. False negatives are very difficult to contest, unless they are blatantly obvious. Ebay sees in shades of grey, because they have gone overboard to protect idiots that do this. The other bad part is that paypal will not release your money until long after the item is shipped and received unless you get a positive feedback after it's shipped. Clowns could separate you and your money by up to 45 days.