Selling my Sonor Delites in tiger finish

Swiss Matthias

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I'm not aware of a dedicated place for selling gear. If there is, I'm sorry, mods
feel free to move my thread...

I decided to sell my beloved Sonor delite shell set in tiger finish (see my avatar
picture. I bought them in 2012. I sell the drums because lately I'm barely using
them anymore, and I need the money to invest in gear that's more important for
me at the moment.

The specs are: 20x17.5 BD, 10x8, 12x9 toms (mount included), 14x14 and 16x16
floor toms. I'm thinking 3'000$.

I'm in Switzerland, not sure if shipping to any country really makes sense, but
if someone wants the drums bad enough, I'm sure it'll work out!

Please see my Swiss ad here, so I don't have to upload pictures. You can see and
hear these beautiful drums in my videos.

Anyone interested? PM me!


Loverly rare finish for a Delite that is.

I once sold my Delites (Birdseye Cherry) in the same sizes as you as they were too precious to take to gigs. Now I no longer gig, I bought a Prolite set in Nussbaum.

My point is, don't sell em, you'll only end up getting a similar set further down the road :)


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Nice kit!

BTW, "The Classifieds" is on the very top of this forum (General Discussion)!


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If you are on, or can get into the sonormuseum forum, you can post them there.

There's also a forum for Sonor owners on Facebook where people post their for sale drums.